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Other Services

Morentho has the capability to perform an array of services, which includes the following:


The company actively offers its clients investment management and advisory services. It offers a range of investment trust options and venture capital, and is expanding its private equity services. Its institutional investors include property owners, and charities. Strategically, it aims to invest its funds in companies that typically show consistent growth potential, business momentum, and also stability. The company places importance on portfolio managers having direct research responsibility. Therefore their role is effectively a combination of analyst and fund manager, the aim being to increase understating of buy and sell decisions and the companies themselves.

The Asset management sector has grown rapidly over the last few years. We have for some time been considering how we could secure a presence in this sector in controlled and disciplined manner. The company maintains an involvement in real estate. Property Asset Management division focus on management of range of product such as shopping centres, retail warehouses, and industrial units.



One of the major challenges currently facing the South African financial and asset management industry is the volume and direction of regulation. Wile we fully support those  measures that ensure good business practice we believe that some of the regulation now emerging is either restrictive with regard to best business practice, reduces the flexibility necessary for growth or appears to attempt to re-engineer certain aspects of the industry without a clear understand of the implications.

  • Financial Services
  • Investments,
  • Capital investment,
  • Financial Management,
  • Research & Development


Research and Development 

On research side the company focuses purely on developing research analysis and development of new inventions. Morentho has a specialized team re-developed in each field e.g economics, transport and logistics, production and design to look at various projects. The team works closely with client to ensure that their new product ranges and stores contribute towards optimising investment performance.

On the development side the company focuses on post –construction services as well as programme management and consultancy. The development management services include the following, project identification, site selection, project planning (Technical, legal, Financial programming). Development planning includes methodology, resourcing, procurement, and programming as well as Financial Structuring, project management, and coordination.